Replacement PartsUtensilsNutri ✓ Sensor II Knob Assembly Set (1992-1997 models)

Nutri ✓ Sensor II Knob Assembly Set (1992-1997 models)

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Discover the detailed product specifications of the Nutri ✓ Sensor II Knob Assembly designed for models from 1992 to 1997. This assembly includes essential components such as a knob, top lever disc, bottom disc, and whistle cup, and is specifically designed to fit the Traditional Set and utensils. Upgrade your Nutri ✓ Sensor II device with this assembly, ensuring precise control and optimal performance during your culinary endeavors.


For post 1992 Utensils - KNOB ASSEMBLY, QTY
fits all Nutri 3 Sensor System covers (whistle) Nutri 3 Sensor II Knob Assembly
(Knob, top lever disc, bottom
disc and whistle cup) (1992-1997)