Rena Ware Success Stories

Briceida Ferre
Platinum Executive Leader
"A Life of Giving"


Back in 1978 when she started her Rena Ware business, Briceida Ferre says she didn’t know how to sell, but she did love to talk and share the benefits of Rena Ware with other people.  Today, Briceida is even more inspired to share the Opportunity with as many people as she can, especially to help parents provide better educations and lifestyles for their children. 

“It is very important to share what we value with others.  The Rena Ware business is the best hope for the future.  It helps people have a better opportunity to reach more in this life.  Rena Ware is special because it is a reality that it does help others.  It is not just about making money; it is also about taking care of your health, and I love the fact that Rena Ware is committed to giving to charities.  For me, to live the Rena Ware life means to live a life of happiness, of sharing, work, and action.  The Rena Ware life is a life of giving.”

Born in Colombia, Briceida grew up on her parents’ hacienda where they raised cows and grew coffee.  After she married a Peruvian, she and her husband moved to Peru and started their own family.  In 1978, Briceida went to a Rena Ware demonstration, bought a set of cookware, and was offered the Opportunity.  She started her business part-time.  Later, when her children got older, she devoted herself fulltime to her Rena Ware business.  “My Rena Ware business helped me grow as a person.  I married very young and thought I was going to be working in the home everyday.  I didn’t even go to the university, and it didn’t matter.  Because of Rena Ware, I feel I did good – as a woman, as a mother, and as a person.”

Briceida and her husband Manuel, a retired mining engineer, have been married for 36 years and have three children, Diego a business administrator, Pierre a graphics artist, and Giselle a television producer.  Briceida says her biggest inspiration has always been her family, her husband and children, and to be able to share her achievements with them – and her Rena Ware family whom she spends so much time with.  “They have become my family, too.”